Balancing Equations WebQuest

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Balancing equations is a vital concept in any Chemistry class as well as any job that involves the use of chemicals. The purpose of this WebQuest is to practice balancing some simple equations using various online balancing "games".


Your task is to complete all of the online activities found within the links and the worksheets that accompany them.


FunBased Learning Website:

Complete activities for the Classic ChemBalancer, Review ChemBalancer, and Brain Boggle ChemBalancer. Complete worksheet that accompanies website and turn in for grade.


Creative Chemistry Website:

Choose "Balancing Equations" from Welcome Page.

Click on "Give Me One" icon at left side of website.

Enter values to balance equation. When correct, copy down equation on worksheet.

Complete a minimum of 10 equations.


Balancing Tutorial:

Begin tutorial by clicking on each chemical symbol in equation, then follow directions.

When finished with tutorial, choose "Exercises:Combustion" from links at left side of website.

Balance these equations and copy onto worksheet

Choose "Exercises" from links at left, balance all 10 equations and copy balanced equations onto worksheet.


All worksheets will be turned in on Monday!

Resources - Links

Balancing Websites


Your grade will be based on the completion of the activities.